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Why Harris Brushes are better


Poor quality brushes are generally manufactured using inferior quality filament or bristle. These poorly processed bristles will be brittle in nature, breaking off when being used. So however much you try to remove loose bristles before you paint, you’re still likely to shed bristle throughout the painting process.


Harris brushes feature only the finest natural bristles and synthetic filaments keeping bristle loss to an absolute minimum. Better still, our No-Loss® Evolution range is guaranteed against bristle loss for life!


A poor quality brush will not only contain a low volume of filament or bristle but this is usually of poorer quality. This means that the brush will be less effective at picking up paint from the pot resulting in more frequent loading, greater amounts of dripping and uneven painting.


Harris brushes have been designed to make loading as easy and effective possible. By using the finest bristles and synthetic filaments our brushes absorb more paint, requiring less frequent reloading.


Modern paints vary in consistency but some can be particularly thick. This means that the brush being used must have flexibility and body to enable it to effectively spread the paint on the surface. A poor quality brush made with low volume and poorer quality bristle or filament will not effectively spread such paints to create an even and consistent finish.


Thanks to their high volume of quality bristles Harris brushes hold more paint allowing you to cover larger areas before reloading is necessary.


Lay off is the final light stroke given to the painted surface to optimise the finish that is obtained and remove any brush marks or inconsistencies. The ability of a brush to do this depends both on the degree to which it is finely tipped and also its flexibility and body. Poorer quality filament or bristle tends not to be so finely tipped and a brush with a low volume of filament will also make this process difficult.


Harris brushes are designed with exceptional flexibility and finely tipped ends to provide an exceptional finish every time.


A brush made with poor quality filament will have a tendency to splay and appear bushy after being used and cleaned. This means that it becomes almost impossible to obtain a tidy straight edge and also that the finish obtained will be adversely affected.


Harris brushes retain their shape after being used and cleaned, ensuring tidy edges are possible every time you paint.

Cleaning your equipment

Why brush care is important

If well maintained, you will find that a good brush improves with use, wearing into a shape that reflects the way that you use it and becoming silky smooth at the tip. This makes it much easier to use when painting edges or 'cutting in'.

If using brushes next day

Water Based Paints

Use a brush tub or jar of water filled up to the line of the paint to stop the brush from drying out overnight.

Oil Based Paints

If you have been using oil based paints the brush head may be left lightly wrapped in cling film.

If not using brushes for weeks/months

Why roller care is important

If looked after correctly, a roller can be reused again and again.

If using rollers next day

Roll as much paint residue as possible onto paper or any other disposable surface to reduce the amount of paint left on the roller.

Wrap the roller tightly in a plastic bag or with cling film to preserve the roller for the next day.

If not using rollers for weeks/months

Why tool care is important

All Harris high carbon bladed decorators tools have a protective film of lacquer applied as a barrier against rust before they leave the factory. However, once the tools are put into use, the lacquer is quickly worn away leaving them susceptible to rust if mistreated. Using our simple guidelines will help you have a tool for life.

If not using for weeks/months