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Getting on with the job

If you are decorating at home and are using a good quality paint, always use a good quality brush to apply it. The application of paint to the wall is just as important as the paint itself.

If you buy a cheap paint brush you will come upon the same problem again and again. A typical problem of value brushes is splaying bristles –making it very difficult to get a precise finish sometimes the bristles come off all together, how many times have you had to go around getting stray bristle off the walls.

Paint Brushes

If you buy a quality brush you will find the filaments are longer giving you better paint application and lay off. There is a reduced risk of bristle loss, the handle is designed to fit comfortably into your hand and your cutting in will improve.

Paint Brushes

Always clean your brushes carefully after use. If you have a natural bristle and look after it, it will actually improve with age giving a smoother finish.

Paint Brushes